How to Make an Album (…and a bunch of other amazing stuff) with Adobe InDesign


Hello Friends!!!
Due to many requests, I’m going to be teaching a new InDesign Class to help you photogs (and any other creative soul) how to conquer the “scary” yet so very easy InDesign. You all have mastered Photoshop (or at least think fondly of it) so no need to fear… those Adobe folks are geniuses and InDesign is just as easy too. I’m a huge fan of making my life easy and definitely want to share how to make yours easy as well. To make it EVEN BETTER, the class will be online so you can learn in the comfort of your own home! Only 15 spots available! SHARING the LOVE!!! xoxo Shannon


You, and me (Shannon Renee) and anyone who wants to cut that tedious design time down by 90% or MORE!


• If you can work Microsoft Paint, you can master InDesign. Yes, it’s really that easy and I can show you!

• It honestly cuts your design time down to minutes, not hours.  Its real working click-and-drag software!

• It gives the non-computer nerd the ability to create a professional website!  (I made my entire site layout with InDesign)


• the fundamentals of the InDesign software

• album design

Build Your Own templates!

I will touch briefly on…

• professional website design layout

• blog pictures

• pricing guides

• logos

• business cards

• Well, you get the idea…


Tuesday, MAY 31st, at 3:00-7:00pm Pacific Standard Time (+ 1 hour of q/a)


Online in your very own cuddly home in the comfort of your holey pajamas and fuzzy socks.


Being a graphic designer turned photographer, I used InDesign for ALL my layout needs because that was what I was comfortable with. I’ve seen all the frustrations that photographers deal with on a daily basis of paying tons of money for album programs that are completely uncustomizable and are only good for one thing… I just kept thinking “They should be using InDesign…” Well now I’m telling everyone… and showing you just how easy it is AND you probably already have it on your computer!


•This will not be one of those $1200 InDesign classes you see online.  We are charging $45 for the early bird discount and then the cost will go up to $95

•(If this class doesn’t save you TONS of time just message me and I’ll send your money back.)


• Click the “Reserve Your Spot” button and you will be prompted to then complete your order

• We are keeping the class at 15 spots so please let me know sooner rather than later

• You will get an email with all the class info… See you on the 31st!




1. Q. Do I need Adobe® InDesign® to attend? A. nope… quite a few of attendees haven’t had the program. Although they definitely have since purchased it to use all of it’s amazing qualities.

2. Q. Do I need Adobe® InDesign® CS5? A. nope… they are all wonderful… but I will be using CS4 to teach the class.

3. Q. Where is the workshop? A. online… I will be using a program called to show you exactly what’s happening on my screen and you will be able to ask LOT’s of questions.

4. Q. If I don’t want to make an album using Adobe® InDesign® should I still attend? A. This class will show you all the fundamentals of designing in InDesign®… they can apply to ANY kind of layout document you choose to create in it.

5. Q. I’m not good with the computer, should I really be trying to tackle something like this? A. I’ve taught ALL skill levels and every one is a success… InDesign® is WAY easier than you think…. and I will show you!


May 18, 2011 - 8:43 pm Shari Barnes - I cannot attend this one, will you be doing more of these??

May 18, 2011 - 9:25 pm admin - Very possible Sheri. I can let you know more information if I do ;)

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