Aron & Ashley | Los Angeles Beach Engagement Session

When you really love someone… there isn’t enough time in this world that is sufficient enough to spend with them. Each second you are with one another, the time is so fleeting you wish you could just make it stand still… even if for just a moment. Freezing the clock right at a gentle kiss. I am so lucky to get to capture these precious fleeting moments… they’ll be forever immortalized in children’s hands and grandchildren’s for ages to come.

Aron and Ashley are just such incredible people… and clearly gorgeous too 😉 They were just such a bubbling joy to be around. They brought their faithful little friend “Friskee” to enjoy in our time together. I can’t wait to see you two again on your amazing day to become one. XOXO!


Dakoda… 14 months

so much curiosity… so much wonder… so much strength in such a small little boy. I admire him. I can’t wait to have a conversation with that fascinating little brain. I love you my little boy… my little man. xo mommy


rachelle and richie | riverside wedding

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this girl… what an absolutely amazing human being. I was so incredibly impressed with her groom who just patiently waited for so many years and chased her and loved her till he got her… and her loving father that just kept making him wait. what a fantastic love story they have. enjoy life you two kids! XOXO!

Vegas Wedding at Ceasars and Mandalay Bay | Joyce & Sean

I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly kind and unselfish Joyce is… I seriously promise you this amazing bride was more worried about how I was doing than her own self on her wedding day. Just a truly amazing human being. And Sean is just an incredibly intelligent and super fun guy to be around. What a joy it was to get to capture their amazing love for each other. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your beautiful and intimate day! enjoy! XOXO!

my baby turns one

I can’t believe my precious little boy is turning one tomorrow. What a crazy and amazing year it has been. His personality grows daily and I feel such joy getting to have a front row seat to his journey of growing up. I hope every moment of every day that I can be the kind of mother that helps him move mountains… I love you my little boy… more than life itself.

malibu wedding at the bacara resort | melissa & justin

What an amazing couple and such a perfect location! I just loved getting to be apart of this special wedding and getting to see Melissa again… we went to high school together 😉 How awesome to get to step back in time a bit! XOXO enjoy!

enjoy the sun… happy weekend!

There is a moment, when the sun slips down and kisses the horizon and its warm light dances on the tips of all the wildflowers… and in that moment I pray that I have my camera with me. enjoy the warmth. xoxo

baby photos | Dakoda 10 months

try oh try as I may, I just can’t keep up with this little bulldozer. I absolutely adore every tiny inch of him! I can’t wait to get to mentor him as he faces the challenges of the world, but for now we conquer the dining room chairs! XOXO my little man


heather & jon wedding photos | san diego

What a beautiful and happy couple… and what a seriously amazing location!!! Paradise Point feels like Hawaii just on the main land! Enjoy! XOXO

malibu beach wedding | grazia & russell

What a beautiful and amazing couple! I LOVE you guys! We braved the 4th of July weekend on the beach and it was SO perfect! enjoy!

WEDDING PLANNING: Charley King, Bluebell Events

LIGHTING: Special Event Lighting

LOCATION: The Sunset Restaurant

FLORIST: Debbie Fields, Floral Fields

OFFICIANT: Reverend Clint Hufft

CHAIR RENTALS: Chiavari Chair Rental

MAKE UP & HAIR: Jana, Makeup & Hair Design

DJ: Al Darroch, Tasty Sounds